The SSV is running a room with washing machines and dryers for you. It is located in the basement between the houses 23 and 24. There are 5 washing machines and 3 dryers that you can use.

To use them, you need a laundry card. You can get it at the SSV office against a deposit of 15€. You also need to charge it with an amount of money to be able to wash. For 1€, you get 2 points on the card.

Washing costs 4 points (2€), drying costs 2 points (1€).

When you move out, you can return your card at the office and get your deposit back, if the card is not physically damaged (e.g. bent or ruptured). We can’t give you your remaining credit back, so make sure that you don’t charge too much.


  1. After putting your clothes into the machine, selecting the fitting program and filling in the detergent, close the door of the machine.

  2. The machine will now ask you to pay. Insert your laundry card into the box on top of the machine. Make sure that the chip is on the bottom and in front.

  3. First press the + button on the box and then the OK button. As soon as “on” appears on the display, remove your card.

  4. Press the start button on the machine. Come back when the machine is finished (the duration is on the display of the machine).

  5. If you have used a dryer, clean the fluff filter after you’re finished! Read the instructions on top of the dryers.

If there is a problem...

You can contact us on Facebook. In case of an urgent problem, you can find a number in the laundry room on the wall that you can call.