About the SSV

SSV is an abbreviation for "Studentische Selbstverwaltung", that means student self-administration. The SSV of the AdK 20 exists to improve the student life in the dormitory.

We are using our means to organize parties in the dormitory, video evenings, sports (like swimming and fitness), trips and cultural offers. In addition, we are running the laundry and selling the necessary cards, renting out games and providing a possiblity for guests to stay in our guest rooms.

How can I participate?

You can join us by just coming to the next SSV meeting! There are lots of ways how you can participate.

SSV meetings and minutes

You can have a look at the minutes of the last meeting in the SSV office at the office opening hours.

The meetings always take place on the first Monday of every month, at 8 PM in the Keller (house 15 in the basement).
You are invited to come and join us!